Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sewing on a scrapbook project

We've found that many of our Scrap That Moment customers, in addition to scrapbooking and cardmaking, also like to sew. How many of you have combined the two hobbies? It's really easy and fun to sew on your layouts or cards, and it adds so much texture and dimension!

STM Senior Designer Barb Prendergast  recently completed a scrapbook layout for display at Scrap That Moment, incorporating machine stitching into the layout's framework. Here's her lovely page:

Barb said about her page, "Because of the heavy embellishments, the layout needed some extra support. I used my sewing machine to sew the layout onto a second piece of cardstock. The stitching not only added some great dimension to my page; it also was a secure way to add the necessary sturdiness that it needed to support those heavy flowers."

Here are close-ups of her stitching:

Barb shared a couple of tips to keep in mind when machine stitching on a scrap project:

1) Start with a medium needle. You want one that's sturdy enough to pierce the layers of paper easily, but not so big that it will make big holes in your project.

2) Choose a fairly small stitch, but make sure the tension isn't too tight. Paper doesn't "give" the way fabric does, so if your tension is too tight, the paper may bunch up or tear.

3) Don't try to go through too many heavy layers. Barb's project above included a layer of patterned paper from Kaisercraft; a sheet of Worldwin cardstock; and another, unseen cardstock sheet from her stash at home. She recommends keeping the layers down to two or three when you machine-stitch.

4) Watch the adhesive! Make sure to keep the glue, tape runner, etc., away from the area in which you're going to stitch. Barb used adhesive in the center of her layers to hold them together, but kept the glue free and clear of her stitching area. Going through adhesive may cause your needle to "gum up" and prevent it from moving through your paper.

So, the next time you're in a mood to create, try combining your scrapbooking AND sewing to take your project to a new level! 

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